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[How Crucial …. is for Appealing Ads]​

Hi, ​

It’s J. ​

Hope you are enjoying this 3 Renkyuu! ​

I was talking to one of my clients yesterday.​

He said: ​

“I want to get new customers from a flyer and website, but my budget is limited, so what should I spend my time and money on the most?”​

Yes, surely we don’t have a big budget like a big company.​

So, we have to narrow down what to spend money on. ​

Is it a design cost?​

Is it for hiring a copywriter?​

Is it advertising expenses?​

There are various things, ​

but I think the most important and cost-effective one is​


If your pictures are high quality and have a good sense, then you can brand your school pretty well. ​

People would think, ​


“Looks fun.”​

“You know what you are doing.”​

This is kind of disappointing, even if a service/product is not good,​

if the picture is good, it will be sold.​

You must have experienced this, ​

when you bought something and felt, ​

“Wait, this is absolutely different from what I was imagining.”​

And you never bought them again. ​

Depending on the situation, but the biggest reason was most likely, the picture was good. ​

Of course, services and products without results will not be sold for a long time and bought repeatedly. ​

So always increasing the quality of your service is very important but at the same time, spending money on pictures is important as well. ​

when I talk to my clients, I always say, ​

“You need to spend money on pictures.”​

In other words,​

“That is the most cost-effective thing you can spend money on.”​

Regardless of making an effective flyer and website, designers always say, ​

“No matter how much you spend on design,​

if the picture is not good, you cannot make a good one.” ​

On the contrary, if the picture is good and has a little text, it would look good like the picture I’ve attached. ​


In my school, since I started hiring a ​ professional photographer, the number of students has increased considerably.​

The cost is about 30,000 yen for a few hours of shooting. ​

It depends on each person, whether they feel it is expensive or cheap.​

But let’s say you get a few new students. ​
The cost will be paid off in only one month. ​

And you can use the pictures not only for a flyer but also for SNS, website, web ads, and many more. ​

If you think that way, 30,000 yen is really cheap, I think. ​

By the way, here is a website where you can find freelance photographers.​


The cost starts at 8,000yen/hour. ​

It is nationwide, even in Tokushima, the countryside where I live, ​ there are some registered. ​

I was surprised. Lol​

I haven’t used the service yet, ​

so please let me know your experience of using it if you use it. ​ ​

Thank you very much for reading. ​

Hope you have a good day. ​


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