All activities in this blog are taken from ‘New Finding Out’, a course for elementary school children written by David Paul and published by Language Teaching Professionals.

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 How to play


Playing Hopscotch in Class


There are various ways to play the game. One way is for a child to first throw a marker onto the first square in a grid, hop onto it, pick up the marker, and hop or jump back to the start. She then throws the marker onto the second square in the grid, and so on. If there are two squares next to each other, she puts both feet down.


Hopscotch normally involves writing numbers on the ground in a hopscotch grid, but, in a classroom, it is generally not practical to write on the ground in the classroom, though this can be done if the game is played outside. One alternative in the classroom is to put cards or on the ground that the children hop onto, but probably the most practical way to play is to have carpet tiles or something similar on the ground and for the grid to be duplicated on the board. The grid on the board can have letters, words or pictures in each square, which a child identifies as she hops onto carpet tiles.


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