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Hitting Words

In NFO 3 Teacher’s Book page 30/31, David Paul describes a spelling game which he calls “Hitting Words”. Basically, the teacher attaches several picture cards to the board, a child throws a ball, hits one of the pictures and writes the word in his notebook or on the board. It’s a very simple, yet interesting game for the children and words can be substituted for pictures, in this case children would be required to read the word and pick up the correct picture card, once that is done the word can be erased from the board. I use sticker balls and I usually identify the pictures for the students to keep the activity moving along, this way I can give them a word even when they don’t quite hit a picture. Also they only need write the word once, so if they hit the same picture again, they get another try. I don’t allow erasers (messy) but they can cross out their words and respell them and at the end of the activity I mark the spelling for them. Naturally these are only guidelines which you can play around with. Sometimes I will display the phonic targets to give the students a better chance of success, as you can see in this picture.


slam with help (1)


One of the problems I find with this game is that it can take some time to set up the pictures and if magnets are used for pictures they often fall to the floor, one can use ‘Blu-Tack’ but that takes time, too, and sometimes I can’t find the pictures I need, so instead of using picture cards I have developed a simple resource to play “Hitting Words”, which makes the setting up of this game fast and simple, so that by the time your students have their pencils and notebooks ready the game is ready to go.


My most recent set “CW3 Hitting Words”, together with an older set “NFO 3 Picture Slam”, have been uploaded to the BAH Facebook group, other such “slam” games can be found on BAH 4 CD. To produce the materials, download the files, print to A4 size, laminate, tape together as a vertical concertina with the cover card at the top, which will allow you to hang the the cards over the top of your board. The design is so simple that I’m sure most of you can make your own from scratch to better suit your children’s needs.


                                                                                                                       slam (4)


Let me make a mention of another spelling activity which is enjoyable and very simple to use if you possess some “Switchit” cards. Here is the video link to the activity, which Mike Mackay very kindly uploaded.

Enjoy the games.

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