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Happy New Year 2018!



Happy New Year! We have celebrated O-shogatsu (New Year’s) with toshikoshi soba and o-sechi

ryori, traditional New Year’s foods. Starting on Monday, I’ll be back in the classroom with my

students. This song was written with our son Christian when he was in elementary school. Christian

and Chuck are singing it in our home for you:



Happy New Year


Words and Music by Christian Vilina and Kathleen Kampa  © 2013


Happy New Year!  Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!  Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!  Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!  Hip hip hooray!


How should we move with this song? When students first listen to the song, they might like to jump,

march, or twirl around.


When I first teach the words to this song, students keep a “steady beat” by patting their legs. To

make it a little more challenging, they can create a pattern by patting their legs once, then clapping

their hands. Think “pat-clap-pat-clap” or “down-up-down-up.” Do this for the first three lines.


We like to do something special on the last line:


—  On Happy New Year!  my students like to shake their hands above their heads. Some students

like to turn around quickly!


—  On Hip hip hooray! students roll their hands, then jump once in place.


For an even bigger challenge, students can do the pat-clap pattern with a partner by patting their

own legs, and then clapping both hands with a partner.


Our biggest challenge? Students stand in a circle facing their partner. First they pat their own legs,

then clap with their partner. Then they turn to the person on the other side (called a “corner” in folk

dance), repeating the pat-clap. They repeat the pattern with their partner, then corner until the Hip

hip hooray. Check out the video to see what my students did!


Happy New Year 2018! We hope that you keep a song in your heart and a smile on your face. May

2018 be filled with lots of joy!





Happy New Year is one of 15 great songs for kids on Kathy Kampa’s Special Days and Holidays.

The CD includes a handy attached booklet with lyrics, and is available for teachers in Japan at

ETJ Book Service.


For teachers residing outside of Japan, the songs are available for download through iTunes. To

hear the studio version of this song, go to iTunes, and click on Track #3.



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