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Halloween ‘Trick or Treat’ Box

We’re having our Halloween classes at the moment. Here’s a fun idea to use in your Halloween classes/parties. We call it the ‘Trick or Treat Box’.
Take a box. Cut 2 holes in the top and place something over the holes so you can’t see into the box (we’ve used sink hole covers that you can buy here in Japan). Cut the back out of the box so that the teacher can access the inside of the box from the back. Decorate your box.
Take 2 containers and put in the box one under each hole. Have some weird feeling things to put in the ‘trick’ container. This year we’ve been using such things as cold spaghetti, bird seed, bottle brushes, rubber balls with spikes (not spikes as in ‘ouch’ spikes. Spikes as in , ‘that feels really weird’ spikes) and hand cream to put on things to make them feel weird. In the ‘treat’ box, put a candy. The students come up to the box, knock and say “trick or treat”. Then they choose a hole to put their hand in. They either get the trick, or the treat. Continue and change around which side the containers are on to keep your students guessing.
This is a particularly good activity if, like our school, you’re not in a situation where you can take your students trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. It’s lots of fun too!
Additionally, if you’re looking for a Halloween Song or video for your Halloween classes or party, we’ve made a new Halloween song and video for this year. Take a look.

Have a Happy Halloween with your students!

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