Halloween Puzzle Activities

Halloween Puzzle Activities1In my first year of teaching classes at a Japanese kindergarten in the mid 90’s, I tried introducing Halloween as an October event to the director.  Her response was a flat-out ‘NO!’ –  too scary, strange, and foreign for Japanese children to understand.


Within a few years, an amazing series of events happened. The Nightmare Before Christmas debuted in movie theaters across Japan. Movie merchandise began appearing in stores and, importantly, Japan’s Disneyland launched a Halloween-themed event. Halloween took off like wildfire. One day, I was called into the kindergarten office to advise staff who were planning the director’s newest idea – a Halloween party! Since then, Halloween has become a yearly event with songs, dance, a costume parade, and Halloween treats.


Last year, I posted 13+ Halloween Activities for class parties. Easy to set up, play, and repeat, these activities can be used in your kindergarten through elementary school classes.


This year, I rummaged through my legacy files and found some old Halloween paper activities and decided it was time to recycle! These activities are print ready and can be used in tandem with other Halloween games. Try these as a cool down or warm up activity. I’ve also used them to introduce Halloween vocabulary the week before the party to get the kids looking forward to the fun ahead.


Click on the image below to download. They’re free and please feel free to use them again and again!


Halloween Puzzle Activies2

Looking for some more Halloween activities to liven up your holiday festivities?  Look no further!  Here is a treasure of ghoulish activities you and your kids are sure to enjoy!  You can download these games separately or download them in the full Halloween Game Bundle from Donald’s English Classroom. The bundle includes:


Halloween Bingo – A classic game with 30 boards in two sizes. With just 25 images, this is a Bingo game you can play with your youngest ESL students.  The bundle also includes a paperless version on Google Slides!


Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe Another classic that kids love playing!  With 12 boards in two sizes, this set includes draw cards for an easy Bingo game! Plus, you can upload a paperless version to Google Slides for your online classes!


Halloween House is a folding craft activity and 3D learning tool that you’ll want to keep around all year!  With ghosts and goblins in every room, just print, cut, and fold!


Halloween Concentration is free, so please download and enjoy!   


Halloween I Have Who Has is a fun activity for small groups or the whole class. This set includes two games and is only available in the Halloween Game Bundle


Here’s wishing you a happy and safe Halloween!


Donald Kinney
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