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Guessing Golf Game


Guessing Golf

By Ashley Stockdale

presented by : Brad Spencer 

of G-wiz Language School


Guessing Golf is a fun way for students to review vocabulary words and exercise their listening skills. Like traditional golf, the goal is to get the lowest possible score.



-Guessing Golf Scorecards 

– One for each player or team

-Guessing Golf Cards

– For the teacher to read, or to be divided among teams to read for their opponents


*The following materials are available for you to print:


-Guessing Golf Scorecards (2 on one page)

-Guessing Golf Cards

-12 fruits

-12 vegetables

-24 animals

-12 countries

-one blank template for adding more cards



  1. Give one Guessing Golf Scorecard to each player or team and have them write their name at the top.

(I recommend dividing

into teams if there are more than 3 players.)

  1. Decide on the turn order. The first player will be the guesser.
  2. The reader takes a Guessing Golf Card and reads the first clue without showing the card to the guesser.
  3. The guesser listens to the clue and makes a guess. If it is incorrect, the reader repeats the process with the second clue.
  4. When the guesser guesses correctly they write the word on the line next to Hole 1. In the box next to the word, they write their score. 

(The score is how many clues it took to guess.)

  1. Then it is the next player or team’s turn to guess.
  2. The teams then take turns to complete the game.

(It can take a long time, so there is no problem stopping after a few clues and finishing the game another day.)

  1. When all the holes have been completed, the players add up their scores. 

Lowest score wins!


Gameplay Example


Reader: Number 1. Fruit.

Guesser: Uh, banana?

Reader: No, sorry. Number 2. Sweet.

Guesser: Peach.

Reader: No. Number 3. Grows on trees.

Guesser: Orange.

Reader: No. Number 4. Often red.

Guesser: Apple!

Reader: That’s right.

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