Greg Crawford



Greg Crawford is the author of Fun Phonics Readers, a series of children’s graded phonics readers written for David Paul’s Finding Out series of texts.


He is also the principal and owner of Aire English School. Greg established Aire English School in 2002, in Wakayama prefecture, Japan. Aire English School currently has a student base of 250 students.


Greg writes the column ‘Reading for Children’ for, has taught in a variety of situations since coming to Japan, including kindergartens, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools and culture center classes. He now focuses all of his attention on Aire English School.


Greg has also worked as a consultant and teacher trainer for the Wakayama Department of Education and is a regular presenter at the annual ETJ (English Teachers in Japan) Expos.


He also works as a marketing consultant for small school owners through the organisation ESM (English School Marketing). 


Greg’s professional interests include young learners, developing and promoting reading for children and phonics.



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