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Go to the store card games

I would like to introduce one of the first games we made in G-wiz many years ago:it is a card game based on the famous Go fish game that most English teachers are familiar with


“Go to the Store “card games are a great way to teach students of different ages and levels important grammar rules and useful vocabulary in a fun and exciting way.
There are two main “Go to the Store” sets:


Food Set and Fruit & Vegetables Set .


Each has 64 learning cards. The cards are beautifully illustrated and durable and can be used in a variety of engaging ways.


Go to the Store Language targets:


1. Uncountable nouns ( cake, grapes, carrots, milk, bread, juice, etc)
2. Use of “any”, in such structures as “Do you have any?”
3. Use of “May I”, in such structures as “May I have some?”
4. Responses such as ” Yes, I do “or “No. I don’t ”
5. Plural You, as I ” Yes, we do.” or “No, we don’t,”
6. Use of “I like _____,” with the response of “Me too.”
7. Use of “I want _____,” with the response of “Me too.”
8. Use of “I want to eat ______,” or “I want to drink _____,” with response, “Me too.”




Go to the store – Combo Pack

Go to the store card game ( food)



Go to the store card game ( fruit & vegetables)

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