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Globally Aware Kids

A Global Fund For Children created a series of picture books showing the life of kids around the planet, on various themes like; music, art, health, grandparents, and others, with a minimum of text and filled with colorful photography.


One example is To Be A Kid by Maya Ajmera and John D. Ivan.



“To be a kid means being carried by those who love you,”

“and spending time with your family.”

“To be a kid means going to school, and learning lots of new things.”

“To be a kid means walking home together, sharing a story,

“having a cool snack on a hot summer day, or marching in a parade.”



Included is a map or portion of a globe labeling where the represented children come from.



There are a number of reasons to have these books available to your kids and students.

  1. They show children (and other people) being both the same, and different. (color, dress, activities, life and social needs).
  2. These are all positive expressions filled with smiling joyful faces.
  3. The text is quite simple and spare, providing a good experience for new readers.
  4. The books are richly illustrated with colorful photos of tremendous appeal, making readers excited to turn the pages.
  5. The included map provides an opportunity for a little geography lesson.
  6. There are many points to discuss along the way, for both kids and adults.
  7. The books are an educational outreach and a charitable funding source for A Global Fund For Children.

Here are several books from the publisher that I like, in the same style as To Be A Kid.




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