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Games for small classes

I would like to introduce some games for small classes as most of classes in G-wiz have a maximum of four students:

The first game is a simple drawing game that needs minimum preparation, it can be played in different levels 

from beginner  to advanced . We will introduce 2 levels in this post .

The game is introduced by G-wiz head teacher Ashley Stockdale from Canada  .

I hope you find it useful .




Draw & Guess 

Is it a/an ____?

“Is it a ___?” is a game I’ve been playing for years in English classes for young children. All that is required is a whiteboard and marker (or a suitable equivalent) and the teacher’s creative drawing skills. It can be used to review any vocabulary that can be represented pictorially.

The basic method is as follows:
The teacher writes “Is it a / an _______?” at the top of the whiteboard and encourages the students to repeat the question a few times.
The teacher begins to draw the chosen vocabulary item, one or two lines at a time.
After each line, the teacher gives the students a chance to guess what is being drawn. Students who think they know what is being drawn should raise their hands. The teacher chooses one student who then asks “Is it a ___?” If they guess correctly the round is over. If they guess incorrectly, the game continues with the next line in the drawing, repeating the process until the item is correctly guessed.




Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 4.08.36 PMScreen Shot 2016-09-27 at 4.26.39 PM






     As you can see, it’s not necessary to be Michelangelo to make this game work for you. Very simple drawings will do! If you really lack confidence in your drawing abilities, there are plenty of resources you can find to help improve your skills.

I have found over the years that children really enjoy this game. The mystery of what will appear keeps them very engaged and I believe that watching the drawing process bit by bit develops their creative thinking skills. It’s also fun for me to think of new ways to draw things and in what order each line will go.

-To create a more competitive style of game, points can be awarded for correct guesses.
-Teams could also be selected to make the game more competitive, taking turns to guess. This can sometimes be difficult to keep fair, however, as the next line in a drawing can reveal the answer. Care must be taken not to seem like one team is getting an advantage.
-If the students are capable and confident in their drawing skills, they can be encouraged to draw the pictures instead of the teacher.


Thanks ,

Ashley Stockdale 

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