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Games About Body Parts


Use these games to practice body parts while doing Happy Valley 1 Unit 7.


My Fingers


Using a digital camera, take photos of students’ head, shoulders, knees, toes and fingers. Randomly show the pictures.

S: My fingers. (when their picture shows)

T: Everyone, count your fingers.

S: Count.



S: My fingers. (自分の写真が見えたら)

T: Everyone, count your fingers.

S: 数えます。


Head on 10


Lay number flashcards on the floor and hold out the body flashcards. The student picks a body part card. Teacher calls out a number, and the student puts that body part on the number.

S: Holding shoulder FC.

T: 10

S: Touch shoulder to 10.



S: 肩のFCを持っています。

T: 10.

S: 肩を10のカードにつけます。


Simon Says


T: Simon says touch your (head).

All students touch their heads. 

T: It’s my (head). What is it?

S: It’s my (head).

This game can be made competitive. If students don’t do the correct command they are out and have to sit down. Last student standing is the winner.


T: Simon says touch your (head).

生徒全員が自分の “head”を触ります。

T: It’s my (head). What is it?

S: It’s my (head).


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