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 Fun Phonics Readers


Youtube Channel: View video teaching tutorials using readers at our Youtube Channel here.

Fun Phonics Readers is a series of graded children’s phonics readers written to act as companion readers for the popular Finding Out series of texts written by David Paul. The readers are designed to be easily incorporated into class, school curriculums & students’ homework.

Contents: Every story complements the phonics, vocabulary and language structures of the respective unit from the respective Finding Out text.

Color-coding: Color-coding of phonetically irregular words for easy reading and pronunciation.

Plus: Particular attention has been paid to recycling and building both language and word counts.

Each book contains 20 fun and enjoyable stories full of natural, useful language in a big A4 format.


 Fun Phonics Readers 1Fun Phonics Readers 2 Fun Phonics Readers 3 

Phonics: Book 1 contains all phonics from Finding Out 1. Stories 1 ~ 12 contain vowels and consonants only, while stories 13-20 contain all double combinations (e.g. ee, sh, ch, oo etc.) covered in Finding Out 1.

Phonics: Book 2 contains all the new phonics introduced in Finding Out 2 (‘magic e’, -er, -or, -y and -all). Again, these new phoincs targets are introduced in stories that correspond with the Finding Out 2 unit number.  All phonics from Book 1 also recycled.

Phonics: Book 3 contains all phonics from books 1, 2 and 3. Language: Again, language from book 3 complements language targets from each respective unit of Finding Out 3. 


Language: Book 1 stories have been written primarily to develop children’s phonic and reading fluency abilities. Language used begins very simply and develops as stories progress. Much of the vocabulary from Finding Out 1 has been incorporated into book 1 stories. 

Language: Language from book 2 complements language targets from each respective unit of Finding Out 2. Language targets are constantly recycled allowing students to review language studied in class, view it in context and aiding their understanding.

Language: Targets are constantly recycled allowing students to review language studied in class, view it in context and aiding their understanding. Particular attention has been paid to using natural language.  

 Word Count: 61 ~ 119 words per story.Word Count: 102 ~ 157 words per story.Word Count: 143 ~ 208 words per story. 


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 Fun Kids Songs


Fun Kids Songs…Fun songs for kids! Full of great language, actions and energy!

Kids love Fun Kids Songs! A series of children’s CDs focusing on natural language, useful subject matter and great melodies and music. Easy to remember, easy to sing!
Your kids will be singing Fun Kids Songs in no time.

Fun Kids Songs cover a wide range of teaching topics from food, weather, body parts, animals, greetings, transportation, everyday verbs, clothing, musical instruments, sports, occupations, colors, numbers, ABCs, phonics, actions and many, many more.


 funkidssongsfunkidssongs2 funkidssongs3  
 Fun Kids Songs 1Fun Kids Songs 2 Fun Kids Songs 3 
 Listen to Samples of SongsListen to Samples of SongsListen to Samples of Songs 


  • Fun Kids Songs Theme
  • Hello (How Are You?)
  • What’s Your Name?
  • Can You Run?
  • The ABC Song
  • I Like Colors
  • Do You Like Grapes?
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  • I’m a Dog
  • I’m Hungry!
  • No, Thank You. Yes, Please!
  • Let’s Count Again
  • How’s the Weather?
  • Fun Phonics Chant
  • Fast and Slow
  • Stand Up, Sit Down
  • Quick Quick! (The Morning Song)
  • Touch Your Head
  • I Like Colors (Slow Version)
  • I’m Hungry! (You Choose Version)
  • Goodbye (See You Again)


  • Fun Kids Songs Theme #2
  • Hello, Nice to Meet You!
  • How Old Are You?
  • It’s a Big Bus
  • When I’m Happy
  • It’s Your Birthday (What Do You Want?)
  • Everybody Count With Me (Slow Version)
  • Let’s Get Dressed
  • Big and Little Animals
  • Can You Play Guitar?
  • What Day Is It Today? (Weekdays)
  • What Do You Do? (Occupations)
  • Write Your Name!
  • Do You Like Playing Sports?
  • Carrots Are Yummy!
  • Goodnight/Wake Up
  • Everybody Count With Me (Fast Version)
  • It’s Your Birthday (You Choose Version)
  • Write Your Name! (You Choose Version)


  • What’s Your Favorite?
  • It’s Bathtime
  • 1 Hand 2 Hands
  • Flying An Aeroplane
  • I’m Thirsty
  • Brush My Teeth
  • Everyday
  • Where Are You Going Today?
  • It’s Story Time
  • Around A Circle
  • Singing By Tens
  • Jack & Jill
  • Months Of The Year
  • This One
  • Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Tree
  • Hello (How Are You?) #2
  • See You Later (See You Again)
  • I’m Thirsty (You Choose Version)
  • Where Are You Going Today? (You Choose Version)
  • What’s Your Favorite?  (You Choose Version)


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 Fun Kids Books



The Monkey and the Turtle

  Adapted by Marco A. Brazil  Illustrated by Bill Borella 


“Hello, Mr Monkey.”  “Hello, Mr Turtle.”  “Can you please help me plant this banana tree?” asked the turtle.  “Oh yes, I like bananas!” said the monkey.  “Thank you. Let’s share the bananas.” said the turtle.

The classic Filipino folk tale as adapted and retold by renowned teacher trainer Marco Brazil. Beautifully illustrated by Bill Borella, ‘The Monkey and the Turtle’ features additional keyword illustrations and an interactive ‘Question Time’ question for each page, making it not just a story book but a fun and effective language learning tool. A must for every Young Learner classroom!