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Fun Card English

Learning English should be fun! One way to make it fun is by using Fun Card English. These decks of cards let students practice conversation or grammar while playing a game! Most students already know how to play using these cards (think Uno), and any students who aren’t familiar with the game can learn it easily. When a student plays a card, they must answer a question or complete a sentence printed on the front. Colorful pictures on every card help prompt the correct answers!


Choose a deck of Fun Cards that reviews a grammar point your students have recently studied. All levels are covered, from basics, such as simple present tense, to more complicated topics, such as reported speech. There are also decks with general conversation questions—give students a chance to use some of the grammar they’ve been studying, while feeling like they are taking a break from grammar! A student who becomes familiar with all the decks of Fun Card English will have mastered the most important points of English grammar and learned a lot of vocabulary as well—over 3000 words and phrases!


Teachers can join in the game, or help uncertain students by reading out the questions. Try having the winner read the questions for the other players as they play for second place!


Fun Card English is also great fun to play at home with the family! Answers are printed on the back of the card in most decks, so you can help your kids learn even if your own English isn’t perfect.


Find Fun Card English decks and videos on how to play on!

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