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Flier Still Works?​ ​ ​


It’s J.​

It’s finally getting warmer!​

Spring is almost here😁​

How has your recruiting new students been going? ​

Hope it’s going well! ​

Today, I would like to talk about this question, ​ ​

“Flier Still Works?”​

For the last few years, I often hear,​

“Newspaper Insert / Posting are over”​

“I have done Newspaper Insert / Posting, but we didn’t get any students.”​

How about your school?​

From my experience, the first thing I have to say is​

“Still working!”​

6 people signed up via flier in the last 2 weeks​

8 people at one of my client’s school in Nara,​

12 people at my friend’s school in Osaka.​

It is quite effective, right?​

“6 people” doesn’t sound impressive, ​

but actually, it increases our annual sales by about 720,000yen.​

These days, fliers via newspaper insert and posting are a lot more noticeable since a lot of other businesses are not sending fliers due to COVID-19. ​

Because they think their market is not active. ​

Of course, just sending fliers is not going to work. ​

It’s important to make, ​

“flier that sells”​

Here are 3 key points to make flier that sells. ​

Showing the atmosphere of your school, which is fun and exciting – if you are a kids conversational school – is crucial. ​

Parents don’t want to send their kids to a place with a dark atmosphere and looking unhappy. ​

・ Using texts as little as possible ​ ​

A social experiment shows that people decide to read a flier within 3 seconds when they receive it. ​

Meaning, if your flier has too much text and difficult to read, they are not gonna even read it. ​

But when you make a flier, you are thinking, ​

“I should add more event pictures, oh yeah, about the new class starting soon, too! And also, our adult class, materials…… ​ “​

It goes endless, right?​

I totally understand, lol​

However, now that we have Instagram and a website.​

So leading them to these platforms where they can see videos of your actual class, pictures and what kind of method you use, etc would give them more information.​

Also, it would give you a higher chance of them contacting your school. ​

Please try to have less text as much as possible so that it would be easier for people to see. ​

・ Telling that you can solve your problem​

Please imagine, when we are buying something.​

Examples, ​

Sales are not growing → Take a business course​

I can’t make a website myself → Ask a professional​

I want to eat delicious food, but I can’t make it myself → Take a cooking class or go to a restaurant ​

We are always buying a solution. ​

The same applies to English conversation schools.​

As parents, they are thinking, ​

・ I can’t teach English at home.​

・ I’m worried that my kid’s English pronunciation. ​

So it’s extremely important to let them know that ​

you have solutions and can solve these problems. ​

“Then, how should I tell?”​

This is so important that it is directly linked to sales,​

I will talk about it somewhere again.​

Until then, please think about it as your homework, hahaha.​

For how to make a flier that sells,​

I talk in detail in this video series.​

-How to make flier recruited 160 students-​​

*It’s in Japanese though​

As a summary of today, ​

flier is still effective.​

3 key points to make flier that sells. ​


・ Using less text as much as possible ​

・ Telling that you can solve your problem​

That’s all for today. ​

You must be very busy preparing for the new year,​

but let’s do our best!​


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