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Fish Race


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Fish Race


 How to play


Basic game


1. Each of the children draws a fish on a piece of paper and cuts it out. They put the fish on the floor and flap it with a magazine or flexible card so that the fish moves. They try to design their fish so that it moves as fast as possible. They adjust the size and shape, and put flaps on their fish.


2. Make a starting line and a finishing line. The children play in pairs or in a relay. For example, in pairs, child A is at the starting line and child B is at the finishing line. Child B asks child A questions. After answering each question, child A flaps her fish once towards the finishing line. When child A reaches the finishing line, child A and child B change places.


3. The game is typically played with flash cards. Child B has a pile of flash cards, and asks a question about each card in turn. The teacher can gradually make these cards more difficult, and mix in cards targeted at new vocabulary or patterns. The children’s interest in the game motivates them to want to learn the new target language.




a. The children can draw other things apart from fish. They could draw other animals, aliens, monsters, objects etc… . They could draw an animal, alien etc… and write its name or write a sentence describing it. They could draw something seasonal such as Santa Claus at Christmas or a witch at Halloween.


a. The children can play individually by saying a word, making a sentence etc… each time before they flap their fish. They could read a word from a list on the board, say a succession of words related to a theme, make personalized sentences using a specific pattern (I like…, I can…, I have… etc…), say words in a sequence (e.g. days of the week, months of the year etc…)



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