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Our First Teacher’s First Day: (unbelievable)

Our new teacher, a good friend of ours, Nova Scotian Melanie began on the Monday.   I was two weeks past my due date for our 2nd child.   Looking back, we were a bit lax securing a new teacher to take over for my lessons.   Maybe that is why our youngest took his time coming out!

Melanie was late for her first day: her only transgression as it turned out.  Dave hurriedly called me to cover Melanie’s lessons.   I had already started labour.   But the show must go on!  We lived on the 22nd floor of a building and our lessons were in the community rooms on the 2nd floor.   An unusual elevator ride downstairs and I was there putting on a brave face for oblivious kindergarten students. 

I taught 90 minutes while in labour.  Nothing like teaching to take your mind off labour pains.   It actually wasn’t bad.  I was just hoping the baby would wait a bit longer.   Melanie eventually arrived and took over the lessons.    As I left I mentioned to waiting moms that I was going upstairs to have a baby right now!    They were as incredulous as I am typing this now.

I decided to take the stairs back up to hurry the baby out.  I could only manage one flight before labour really took hold.   Dave finished up work and then rushed upstairs to clean and warm up our February cold apartment. The midwives weren’t satisfied and he had to redouble his efforts.  Leon was born 20 minutes later in the bath.  Not to worry, two mid-wives were in attendance and I had opted for a warm water delivery (in case you were wondering).   From beginning to end 3 and a half hours.   

Not a bad days work.

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