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An English teacher in Moscow interviews John

In January of 2019, I taught a live on line course for iTDi dealing with my obsession: exploring teaching and earning. There were a number of teachers from around the world but the majority were from Russia and the Ukraine.

One of these teachers was Alexandra Chistyakova who teaches English in Moscow.

Shortly after the course an editor from EFL on line magazine asked Barbara Sakamoto from iTDi to see if any teacher who took one of my courses would like to interview me. Alexandra volunteered.

Alexandra wrote a series of questions which she sent to me before our conversation. Obviously, she started with the first one she had written.

But as we chatted she generated new questions and comments based on what I had said. Because of her skill in listening to what I said and dealing with my comments rather than simply going from question to question she enabled me to make statements I had never made before and to re think much of what I have been saying for a long time.

Joint exploration is one of the themes of Contrasting Conversations as well as Small changes. The interview with Alexandra is am example of this kind of conversation.

In addition to learning from Alexandra, I was delighted to see a range of rich articles from teachers from around the world on the EFL on line magazine. In the September issue in which the interview took place I was particularly taken with an article on the use of comic books. When I was in primary school, every Sunday morning as my parents and older sister read the news in the Sunday newspaper, I read the so called comics: Prince Valiant, Little Orphan Annie, to name two. I so “so called” because not all comics are just about funny things. They deal with a wide range of feelings.

So if you are not interested in the interview, go to the site anyway as there are a wide range of readings that are very stimulating.

Here is the

A real gold mine.

Enjoy, enjoy.


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