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Paul Nation is Emeritus Professor of Applied Linguistics in the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He has taught in Indonesia, Thailand, the United States, Finland, and Japan. His specialist interests are language teaching methodology and the teaching and learning of vocabulary.


A four book series Reading for Speed and Fluency appeared from Compass Publishing in 2007 as well as a six book series called 4000 Essential English Words in 2009. His books on vocabulary include Teaching and Learning Vocabulary (1990) published by Heinle Cengage Learning, Learning Vocabulary in Another Language (2001) published by Cambridge University Press, Focus on Vocabulary (2007) (with Peter Gu) from Macmillan,and Teaching Vocabulary: Strategies and Techniques published by Cengage Learning (2008). Four books, Teaching ESL/EFL Listening and Speaking (2009) (with Jonathan Newton),Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing (2009), Language Curriculum Design (with John Macalister) (2010) and Case Studies in Language Curriculum Design (with John Macalister) (2011) have been published by Routledge.  His latest book on vocabulary is Researching and Analysing Vocabulary (2011) (with Stuart Webb) from Heinle Cengage Learning.


Two books strongly directed towards teachers were published in 2012 by Compass Media in Seoul – What does every EFL Teacher Need to Know? and What does every ESL Teacher Need to Know?




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 Books by Paul Nation


Reading for Speed and Fluency (Compass)  
Many English language learners read far below the optimal rate. In order to develop their reading speed, students need to practice reading at an accelerated pace with texts that have little or no new vocabulary. speedandfluency1Sppedandfluency2Sppedandfluency3speedandfluency4


4000 Essential English Words (Compass)  
A six-book series that focuses on practical high-frequency words from high beginning to advanced levels. The 600 words in each book along with the words in the appendices are the most useful words in English.essential1essential2essential3essential4


What Every EFL Teacher should Know (Compass)  
A very practical handbook which covers the essential information, which a teacher of EFL should know.  Useful for new teachers or for experienced teachers whom want to learn or refresh their knowledge. whatevery   


Researching and Analyzing English Words
(Heinle Cengage Learning) with Stuart Webb
Written for researchers and graduate students in the field of vocabulary studies. Has direct implications for teaching/learning while enhancing knowledge of research practices.Researchingandanalyzing   


Teaching and Learning Vocabulary (Heinle)  
Examines the underlying principles of vocabulary acquisition, including the most effective teaching and learning techniques. It draws on a hundred years of research, experimentation, and classroom experience.TeachLearnVocab   


Learning Vocabulary in Another Language (Cambridge University Press) 
A detailed survey of research and theory on the teaching and learning of vocabulary. It contains descriptions of vocabulary learning strategies and of what vocabulary learners need to know to be effective language users.LearningVocab   


 Teaching Vocabulary – Strategies and Techniques
(Heinle Cengage Learning)
Examines many teaching techniques and suggests clear, research-based principles for vocabulary training. Represents vocabulary instruction through listening, speaking, reading, and writing development.Strategiesandtechniques   


Teaching ESL/EFL Listening and Speaking
(Routledge), with Jonathan Newton
This guide for teachers and teacher trainees provides a wealth of suggestions for helping learners of all levels develop their listening and speaking skills and fluency.ListeningandSpeaking   


Teaching ESL/EFL Reading and Writing (Routledge)
Provides a wealth of suggestions for helping learners at all levels of proficiency develop their reading and writing skills and fluency. Drawing on research and theory, the focus is strongly hands-on.Readingandwriting   


Language Curriculum Design
(Routledge), with John Macalister
This text describes the steps involved in the curriculum design process, elaborates and justifies these steps, and provides opportunities for practicing and applying them.LanguageCurriculum   
Case Studies in Language Curriculum Design
(Routledge), with John Macalister
Many English language learners read far below the optimal rate. In order to develop their reading speed, students need to practice reading at an accelerated pace with texts that have little or no new vocabulary. Casestudies   
Focus on Vocabulary (Macmillan Australia),
with Peter Gu
Considers the various levels of vocabulary and how they should be dealt with by the teacher. It explores the teaching of vocabulary through listening and reading, and speaking and writing in content matter courses.Focus