Communication Strategies


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 A topic-based course

for intermediate and upper intermediate college students and adults


Thoroughly researched


David Paul spent many years researching the vocabulary, patterns and collocations intermediate and higher intermediate students need to be able to use actively in order to communicate effectively within 30 key topic areas, and break through to a more advanced level. He then put all this research into a two-level course that is fun, motivating, thought-provoking, and challenges and supports the students’ ability to think things through, develop their own ideas, and search for the words and patterms to express these ideas.


 A Two-Level Course


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a sample unit
a sample unit
  Topics covered   Topics covered 
  1. Friends  1. Attitudes 
  2. Free time  2. Money 
  3. The past  3. Health 
  4. The family  4. Education 
  5. Work  5. Crime 
  6. City life  6. The environment 
  7. Beliefs  7. Aliens 
  8. The future  8. History 
  9. Transportation  9. Women in society 
  10. Vices  10. The developing world 
  11. Marriage  11. Violence 
  12. Animals  12. Politics 
  13. Computers  13. Economics 
  14. The generation gap  14. Happiness 
  15. Travel  15. Globalization 


 Components for Each Level



CS1 copy





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