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” is the education system broken ? “

This is Episode 3 of the ACTIVE podcast entitled  ” is the education system broken ? “




Have you ever thought of these questions below. ?  We did on this episode, and tried to offer some possible solutions !!

  • Why is Japan ranked so low in the world for speaking English ?
  • Why aren`t more English oral communication lessons taught in Japanese schools ? ( top down problem )
  • Why don’t Japanese schools know how to use ALT`s properly ?
  • How could we change the Japanese English school curriculum ?
  • Have you ever wondered where and why our world education system originated ?
  • STEM subjects  VS   The Arts & Humanities.( left & right brain kids )
  • Should high school kids be able to choose less subjects and specialize for an early age ?
  • What will schools of the future look like ?
  • ….. and much more !!


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