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Education as a Business presentation

This Sunday I will be giving a presentation at Sendai JALT entitled Education as a Business:  The abstract for my presentation is:

“While much language education happens in government-run or not-for-profit settings, a large part also happens in for-profit institutions.  This presentation will utilize a workshop style to highlight challenges and benefits unique to for-profit situations.  Participants will engage in decision-making scenarios and opportunities, observing how they affect both the educational and financial aspects of education as a business.  The session will conclude with an evaluation of the underlying assumptions we use in determining the outcomes of decisions made.”


This is the first time for me to make a presentation on this subject and I want to make it as realistic and engaging as possible.  My hope is to make it into almost a game, where different groups have to make scheduling, staffing, and other decisions and then that information is used to make a financial statement as well as determine school events which which that group must address.  My hope is to highlight strengths and weaknesses of Education as a Business that those who work in the public sector may not appreciate.  Any ideas on situations that could come up as almost Monopoly-style Chance cards?  One I’ve thought about is that a teacher suddenly has to lave the country due to a death in the family.  Other ideas?


If anyone can come to the presentation, would definitely appreciate the feedback of other school owners! 🙂

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