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Drawing Games!




Place flashcards face down in a pile in the middle of the room or table. Teacher picks up the top card. Choose 1 student to come up and look at the card. Give them a piece of paper or whiteboard to draw the card. 

S1: What is it?

S2: It’s a dog.

If the second student guesses correctly, they get 1 point. Alternately, this game can be played with 2 teams and one person from each team drawing same flashcard; first team to guess correctly wins 1 point. Repeat for remaining cards and choose a different student to draw each time.



S1: What is it?

S2: It’s a (dog).

もしクラスメートの答えが正しかったら1ポイント獲得です。このゲームは2チームで 行ってもよいでしょう。その場合、各チームから1人ずつ出て同じフラッシュカードの絵を 描きます。答えを最初に当てたチームが1ポイント獲得です。残りのカードでも これを繰り返します。このとき、毎回違う生徒を選んでカードの絵を描かせます。


Race and Ring


Write or draw a picture of each vocabulary item on the whiteboard or a large piece of paper; review it as you draw or write each one. Place a marker next to the drawings. 

T: It’s a (fruit). What is it?

S: It’s a (fruit).

Split the students into two teams. Each team lines up behind a start line.

T: It’s a (banana). Go!

The first student from each team races to pick up the marker and circle (banana). The team who circles (banana) gets 1 point.



T: It’s a (fruit). What is it?

S: It’s a (fruit).


T: It’s a (banana). Go!


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