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Did you have fun?

After a [ fabulous! ] trial lesson,  a potential student is often asked by Mom, “Did you have fun?”   



This irritates me for several reasons.


  1.  Mom:  YOU saw the lesson:


If YOU thought:    

A.  The lesson was fast-paced, interesting and enjoyable.

B.  My child WILL learn to speak, read and write English here.

C.  It’s a well run school with good texts and curriculum:


then YOU as MOM should decide.    


Whether the child LIKED it or NOT, is beside the point. 


Our story:   Our kids went to Coerver Footpal for soccer classes. It’s the best soccer school in Saitama city.  Yes, the head coach is a little “ demanding”, but he gets results.   We never asked our kids if they wanted to join.   We signed them up.


It’s the same with our school.   We don’t focus on a “super fun” class with lots of energetic movement.    We focus on brains moving energetically and real progress.    We want to push and challenge our students.    The ‘fun’ comes from being the best.     


2.   With some things in life, you do them (regardless of whether you like it) because it’s good for you.   You exercise, eat a balanced diet, go to the doctor / dentist…. to be strong and healthy.    


Now, I am NOT saying learning English is on par with the basics of healthy living, but it IS a necessity in many aspects of modern life.      It’s useful for communication with the outside world, for future job potential, for tests, for brain training….    


Like many things, like or not like, doesn’t matter.   Just do it.


Our story:  

Our  kids study piano and guitar.   Our older son occasionally asks to quit.   We don’t let him because we know the importance of music for his future.    Learning an instrument is a valuable skill which Dave and I wish we had.


We also played instruments as children.    But soon quit because it wasn’t fun.    We BOTH wish our Moms and Dads had not allowed us to quit.   


Moms and Dads please:  


If YOU think something is good, and your kids aren’t keen, then EXPLAIN to them WHY they should do it.    Chances are your kids will understand.   


And if they don’t?   Does it matter?  You’re the parents, you decide.  


How about your classes?


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