Dave and Amy Long



Dave and Amy have been teaching English in Japan since 1996. They opened Dave and Amy English School in 2004. It currently has 3 locations with over 400 students.
They are very keen on making their lessons/ their school the best in the Saitama City area. They have written 6 books under the My English Book and Me series catering to kindergarten and elementary children. The books are challenging. By 2019, they plan to write 6 more books and develop materials to go along with the books.
Their philosophy is that lessons should be challenging, with no wasted time. The fun comes when children are confident readers, writers and speakers. And pride/ happiness comes when they level up.
They have a lot of experience teaching kindergarten and elementary children and running schools. If you have any questions, please ask. 



  Dave and Amy 



 My English Book and Me


 My English Book and Me  1My English Book and Me  2 My English Book and Me  3 


 My English Book and Me  4   

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