black and white dairy cow s head

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Young children LOVE to learn about farm animals. Try out this delightful song, “The Cow Says Moo” from Jump Jump Everyone by Kathy Kampa (available from ETJbookservice, CD Baby, and iTunes).

Show pictures of the various farm animals. Children might suggest additional animals from the farm, too.

black and white dairy cow s head


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                                two brown hen and one red rooster

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Name the animals. What does each animal say? You can make a game matching the animal picture with its sound or with its name.

You can hang the picture cards on the board in order of the words. Children can stand and sing the song. There are two parts to the song.


The first part is the animal name and sound. Did you notice the pattern in the song?

The cow says “Moo”

The cow says “Moo”

“Moo! Moo! Moo! Moo!”

The cow says “Moo”

The second part includes TPR actions. Practice these with the children. Did you notice the rhyming words? That’s important for our students!

When the cow says “Moo” you’ve got to clap, clap, clap,

When the cow says “Moo” you’ve got to pat, pat, pat,

When the cow says “Moo” you’ve got to touch the floor,

Are you ready for more? Count 1-2-3-4!

Children listen for the next animal sound. In this song you’ll find a sheep (baa), horse (neigh), dog (woof), pig (oink), and rooster (cock-a-doodle doo). The verse with the rooster is slightly different.

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 18.30.22

Once children know the song, they can be given a picture card of the animals. I like to sing this song in a circle (see Let’s Make a Circle Big and Round). In my small classes (six children or less), each child gets one animal card or puppet. I put my picture cards on strings so that the children can move around the circle. They can, however, sit or stand in place with the card on the floor. With a large class, you can take turns, or give every child a card. When each animal is called in the song, the child/children with that card goes to the middle of the circle.

The music for this song is available on the CD “Kathy Kampa’s Jump Jump Everyone!”

Jump Jump Everyone

You can find it on iTunes, CD Baby Store, and ETJbookservice.

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Kathy Kampa

Kathy Kampa loves teaching young learners! Children bring joy and inspiration to her work creating new songs and chants. Kathy believes that music and movement are powerful tools to support English language instruction in young learners. Kathy’s songs will stick in your students’ heads long after class is over.


Kathy Kampa's Special Days and Holidays         Mimi CD cover 2015-10-12 at 1.04.43 AM

 The Cow Says “Moo” is one of 23 great songs for kids on Kathy Kampa’s Jump Jump Everyone. In addition, Kathy Kampa’s Special Days and Holidays is filled with songs to celebrate special events.

These two CDs each include a handy attached booklet with lyrics, and are available for teachers in

Japan at ETJ BOOK SERVICE  For teachers residing in Japan, check out the new download site.

For teachers residing outside of Japan, the songs are available for download through iTunes. To

hear the studio version of The Cow Says “Moo” go to track #7 on iTunes. 



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