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Have you ever heard of Kahoot? It’s a free game-based learning platform that can be used in classrooms equipped with a shared screen and with learners who have their own devices. I have been using it in class for the last six months and it is awesome! There are several features that I really like about this game.



First, you can easily create your own quizzes or there are millions of ready-made quizzes available to choose from. I’ve only made my own because it’s a little time consuming to search and find quizzes suitable for specific classes, but it really doesn’t take much time to put together your own quiz. It’s also really straightforward to share your quiz with other teachers. Once you’ve set up an account, it only takes a few minutes to put a quiz together.



The game is best played in small groups. I start by putting my class into small groups. Each group then allocates an operator. They use their smartphone or tablet to log into your game. This is quite easy to do as on the shared screen there is a login pin number. Each group, using just one device, enters the pin number and then chooses a nickname for their group. The names of each group are then displayed on the shared screen. The site promises to create “a ‘campfire moment’ encouraging users to look up and celebrate together”. I would agree that this happens. You can allocate a certain time for each answer to be submitted and the faster the answer the more points the group gets for a correct answer. 



After each question has been answered, the shared screen displays a bar chart with the correct answer. This also displays how many groups chose the correct answer. There is also a leaderboard which displays the top five groups and shows which groups are on a winning streak of answers. I have found this aspect really gets the students excited. It creates a friendly ongoing rivalry throughout the quiz. 



I have used Kahoot as a review quiz in class. I have also used it as a warm-up activity. In the past, I have used other game-based platforms, but I would say this is certainly the best one I have tried. Being able to add videos, images, the bright colorful screen, and the dramatic countdown all add to the experience. I have shared this site with several teacher friends and they have all tried it and agree with me that it really can add a lively fun section to the class. 



Using the mobile app, it is possible to assign kahoots as homework, but this is something I haven’t tried yet. It seems pretty straightforward. You just choose a quiz, assign it as homework and share the link or pin. If any teachers have tried this, I’d like to hear how it went.

Neil Millington

Neil Millington

Neil Millington has taught English as a foreign language in Japan for over 12 years. He has taught a wide range of age levels from pre-kindergarten students to adults. He is currently teaching at the tertiary level. He earned his BA at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England and his MA in TESOL at Lancaster University, England. Currently, Neil is working on his PhD in language learning motivation also at Lancaster University. Neil is also the co-founder of, an English reading website with hundreds of free lessons for teachers and learners.
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