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Here Come the Marching Monsters!


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Are you ready for Halloween? Add Marching Monsters to your Halloween activities  It’s easy and fun to do.


Show your students pictures of the four characters in the song — monsters, skeletons, witches, and jack-o-lanterns. You can use the Google slides below to print flashcards or to share on your device. You can easily sync your music to these slides. Just click on the link below:


Marching Monsters Halloween Slide Show: Kathy Kampa’s Special Days and Holidays


Practice the four verbs with your students in a circle:


march          “Can you march like a monster around the circle?”

skip               “Can you skip like a skeleton around the circle?”

waltz  (sway side-to-side)   “Can you waltz like a witch while moving in place?”

jump             “Can you jump like a jack-o-lantern while moving in place?”


Next, practice “Turn around and stop!”


Here are the lyrics. You can also find them in the slide show above.                              


Marching Monsters   (Words and music by Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina)


1. Marching monsters! Happy Halloween! Boo!                                                                

Marching monsters! Happy Halloween! Boo!                                                                  

Marching monsters, Turn around and stop! (hold)                                                                

Marching monsters Happy Halloween! Boo!


2. Skipping skeletons! Happy Halloween! Boo! . . .


3. Waltzing witches! Happy Halloween! Boo! . . . .


4. Jumping jack-o-lanterns! Happy Halloween! Boo! . . . .


Just watch this video of Marching Monsters and have fun moving to the song!


Did you notice that you can build phonemic awareness with this song too? The word pairs begin with the same initial sound. You can separate the verbs and nouns for students to match.


You can find a simple worksheet here to practice:


Marching Monsters worksheet and flashcards


For a bigger challenge, write the letters m, sk, w, j, and h on the board. What pair of words begins with these letters in the song?


m  –>  marching monsters


sk  –>  skipping skeletons


w  –>  waltzing witches


j  –>  jumping jack-o-lanterns


h  –>  Happy Halloween! 


Want to add a cute monster craft? You can find it here.



Happy Halloween, everybody!





Marching Monsters is one of 15 great songs for kids on Kathy Kampa’s Special Days and Holidays. The CD includes a handy attached booklet with lyrics, and is available for teachers in Japan at ETJ Book Service.  For teachers residing outside of Japan, the songs are available for download through iTunes.


Kathy’s second children’s CD, Jump Jump Everyone, is also available at ETJ Book Service.


 4089923322_05f94d8340_o (1)Monsters by Gunder on Flickr Attribution CC 2.0 license (

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