EIKEN 2 Speaking, & spelling for 3-yr-olds

We teach our students to answer question one in the EIKEN 2 speaking test without hearing the question. This method not only guarantees they get maximum points for this question but boosts their confidence to pass the whole test before they even read the passage aloud. Learn how below.   Why Teach Spelling to 3-yr-olds? … Read more

7±2 conversation cards

  Rather than chastise kids or telephone and report them to the police for using non-English L1. We ↓L1 and ↑L2 by using conversation cards.  We start kids communicating in English using these cards from age three years old when they can’t yet read. At this stage a one short utterance Q&A dialogue is written … Read more

Unlocking EIKEN

  You can download EIKEN past papers here.   Mouse over the item you want, right click to open a dialogue box then left click on ‘Save link as’ and save it to your desktop as a pdf file.     When you open the downloaded pdf file you will see that it is locked (SECURED) … Read more

A 2nd key to pass EIKEN 3

In my previous blog, I proposed a key to help kids get a top score in the Writing section of EIKEN 3. Here is another key. This one prepares kids to obtain a top score for Q1 in the Speaking section, not only EIKEN 3, but pre-2. We have been using this method for many … Read more

Write a key to pass EIKEN 3

  Since the EIKEN Foundation of Japan removed the word order section in EIKEN Grade 3 and replaced it with a writing section, we have reached the conclusion that teaching children how to write essays is the key to their passing the test. The word order section comprised 5 items among the 35 items of … Read more

5 benefits of a projector

    We have been using interactive technology and games at our school since May 2012 and recommend their use for several reasons. Here are five benefits of using technology and interactive games.     Equipment. Hardware: Computer, interactive projector, large whiteboard, (optional-first response system). Software: PowerPoint.     1) Sales. Students always join a … Read more

Reinforcing Students’ Learning

How do you test or reinforce your students’ learning?     Children’s lessons at our school generally follow a theme over the course of a month based on Floppy’s Phonics which are available here.   For example, in July we used three books (The Pet Shop, What is it? Lost Puppy) and the lesson language … Read more
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