A Game with Legs

I have… Who has… ‘Reading, speaking, and listening’ is the triadic core of this all-in-one activity – and I wish I’d known about it sooner.   I Have – Who Has activities are very simple, easy to set up, can be played with just about any age or grade level, and importantly, can be played … Read more

Planning ahead… 2

In the last post, I talked about Stories For Young Readers from Kinney Brothers Publishing and how to purchase the series for your classes.  In this post, I’ll focus on our Phonics & Spelling series.  I’ll provide links for purchasing and recommended support materials for each text to help you plan for new classes in the spring.    … Read more

Planning ahead…

With the school year in Japan wrapping up soon and teachers planning for new spring classes, I’ve been getting inquiries about the best way to purchase Kinney Brothers Publishing textbooks and downloadable resources.  In this post,  I’ll provide links and recommended support materials for the Stories For Young Readers series to help you schedule the … Read more

A History of Publishing

  Stories for Young Readers was first published in 2000 when we three Kinney brothers, Donald (me), Robert (my twin brother), and Michael (the Younger), were living and working in Saitama Prefecture in Japan.  Bob and I were teaching for the ‘International’ division of a prefecture-wide juku where teachers were sometimes farmed out to private … Read more

50+ Flash Card Activities

  50+ Flash Card Activities is a collection of flash card activities and games you can start using in class today! Matching, ordering, and discovery are the modals of play that will engage students, improve retention, and bring more enjoyment to repetitive practice.   By signing up for the Kinney Brothers Publishing newsletter, you can … Read more
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