Postcards from the Edge of English

Postcard sets come in books to be punched out, as well as in packs and boxes. It is an easy way to obtain a set of interesting high quality art on a theme that can be shuffled, stacked, dealt out, passed around, turned over, rearranged, and displayed, as best fits your intention. I laminate them … Read more

Gender Identity in 3 Picture Books

A conversation often comes up regarding picture books for exploring gender roles, and similar topics. As always, please take from this what is useful for you, and leave the rest behind.   The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch. A fiery dragon ravishes the castle and burns up all the princess’s clothes. The prince is … Read more

Globally Aware Kids

A Global Fund For Children created a series of picture books showing the life of kids around the planet, on various themes like; music, art, health, grandparents, and others, with a minimum of text and filled with colorful photography.   One example is To Be A Kid by Maya Ajmera and John D. Ivan.   … Read more

I Can Sing a Picture Book

Popular and classic songs with illustrated lyrics in picture books are a delight. Sometimes I read them and discuss, or ask my students about the meaning. Sometimes I sing them as I turn the pages…   My current favorites are:   Imagine by John Lennon, Yoko Ono, illustrated by Jean Jullien.    Octopus’s Garden by … Read more

Nostalgia: 4 more wordless Picture Books

Nostalgia is a powerful motivator for creating discussions in adult classes.  Here are two pairs of wordless books sure to get your older adult students talking about their life experiences.   Ennichi (Let’s Visit Fete) (1973) and Omise (Shops and Stores in Japan) (1980) are 2 wordless Japanese picture books by Toyoko Igarashi.     Ennichi … Read more

Simply Wordless

Wordless picture books may be an unfamiliar medium but for those who have enjoyed and had success with them, you are looking for more. A common usage is writing text for each picture or narrating verbally. At a more basic level, teaching the grammatical elements of telling a story, identifying a verb, labeling adjectives, putting … Read more

Gomi and the 16 Verbs

My Friends by Gomi Taro is one of my most enjoyable picture books to use, (with children, teens, as well as adults). It has brilliant vocabulary, wide applications, and a depth of material that allows you to build cards, make worksheets, develop games and use posters, yet so simple in concept.     The book … Read more

The Picture Book Group; and a book on Shapes

The Picture Book Group is an invitation to a discussion about picture books (which includes not only traditional small kids illustration-driven stories, but also; comics, wordless books, illustration collections, and stories and picture resources for teens and adults). If this week’s book does not suit your lessons, maybe next week’s will.   Hello Kitty, Hello … Read more
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