The Cow Says “Moo”

  Photo by Jan Koetsier on                          Young children LOVE to learn about farm animals. Try out this delightful song, “The Cow Says Moo” from Jump Jump Everyone by Kathy Kampa (available from ETJbookservice, CD Baby, and iTunes). Show pictures of the various farm animals. … Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your young learners? Here are two songs that build English language skills along with movement. For many years my kindergarten students have been celebrating letters at this time of year. Many of my Japanese students struggled to pronounce /v/ from the word “Valentine.” This little song is based … Read more

Happy New Year 2018!

    Happy New Year! We have celebrated O-shogatsu (New Year’s) with toshikoshi soba and o-sechi ryori, traditional New Year’s foods. Starting on Monday, I’ll be back in the classroom with my students. This song was written with our son Christian when he was in elementary school. Christian and Chuck are singing it in our home for … Read more

Here Come the Marching Monsters!

    Are you ready for Halloween? Add Marching Monsters to your Halloween activities  It’s easy and fun to do.   Show your students pictures of the four characters in the song — monsters, skeletons, witches, and jack-o-lanterns. You can use the Google slides below to print flashcards or to share on your device. You … Read more

Let’s Do the Skeleton Dance!

  Skeleton Dance is definitely one of my students’ favorite songs! It teaches various body parts and directional movements. You can start your school day with it, use it during break time, dance it on a rainy day, move during a health unit, or dance it on Halloween. I have taught Skeleton Dance to students in kindergarten through upper … Read more
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