A cool online learning game

    Have you ever heard of Kahoot? It’s a free game-based learning platform that can be used in classrooms equipped with a shared screen and with learners who have their own devices. I have been using it in class for the last six months and it is awesome! There are several features that I … Read more

Three free apps for learning English

  There seems to be so many apps that are coming available for learning English. I don’t actually use any in class, but I often get asked by my learners for recommendations so they can do some self-study. I have therefore been doing a little research and paired this down to three free apps that … Read more

5 Time Saving Hacks for Teachers

  There is no doubt that teaching can be a difficult job. In particular, it can be very time consuming. As I mentioned in my previous blog (Here), I have many teacher friends that find themselves working late into the night and on weekends too.      Over the years I have managed to pick … Read more
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