Guessing Golf Game

  Guessing Golf By Ashley Stockdale presented by : Brad Spencer  of G-wiz Language School   Guessing Golf is a fun way for students to review vocabulary words and exercise their listening skills. Like traditional golf, the goal is to get the lowest possible score.   Materials -Guessing Golf Scorecards  – One for each player … Read more

Go to the store card games

I would like to introduce one of the first games we made in G-wiz many years ago:it is a card game based on the famous Go fish game that most English teachers are familiar with   “Go to the Store “card games are a great way to teach students of different ages and levels important grammar … Read more

Games for small classes

I would like to introduce some games for small classes as most of classes in G-wiz have a maximum of four students: The first game is a simple drawing game that needs minimum preparation, it can be played in different levels  from beginner  to advanced . We will introduce 2 levels in this post . … Read more

Welcome to Gwiz Journals!

Welcome to G-wiz Journals!   G-wiz is an English language school based in the beautiful city of Kagoshima in Kyushu, Japan. We even have our own volcano – Sakurajima – just across the bay! That is why we are known as the ‘Naples of Japan.’   Our teaching staff come from a wide variety of … Read more
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