WAKE UP! Dealing with Time

  Introducing the ‘Wake Up! Dealing with Time’ Card Game Are you searching for a fun and educational method to enhance your students’ English language skills? Look no further than ‘Wake Up! Dealing with Time‘ – an exciting card game inspired by the ‘Go Fish’ style, designed to help them practice time prepositions and formulate … Read more

InTense! – An Engaging English Learning Board Game

Introducing InTense!, the ultimate board game revolutionizing English language practice in Japan. Designed to engage students in mastering pronouns, tenses, and verbs, InTense! offers an unparalleled learning experience where every sentence is unique, just like real conversation. With a simple setup using only a board, counters, dice, and 90 color-coded cards, players delve into an … Read more

Introducing Concept Worksheets 1

Creating Blending a Hand Concept Worksheets (CW) workbooks was a lengthy process. Initially, before any thought of producing a workbook, I scoured the globe for workbooks to aid in teaching my children how to read, as there were limited resources available in Japan at that time. Little America in Fukuoka stocked workbooks from the USA, … Read more

Parts of Speech Switchit

“Parts of Speech Switchit”: a unique Educational Card Game   You don’t have to be a grammarian to teach parts of speech, all you need is “Parts of Speech Switchit”, which is an innovative and engaging card game designed to reinforce grammar concepts in an interactive and enjoyable manner. Loosely based on the mechanics of … Read more

Using ‘Story Cards’ In the Classroom

Almost all of my “Story Cards”, which are available on BAH 2 CD, were written in 2005 in support of Finding Out by David Paul, after seeing that most so called decodable readers have a vocabulary of under 50 words and, even though they claim to be decodable, they often have up to 20% of … Read more

Upstairs Downstairs: another new board game

 It began 33 years ago when I started using Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) with my two eldest children, then I used the extended stories with them and with my adult, and senior high school classes, during this time I bought a set of board games which were to be used with ORT Owls (1987). I … Read more

Change the Subject: A New Board Game

In Person can rightfully be described as a excellent idea with a failed execution. The basic idea was to give students practice in transforming simple sentences with the focus on the personal pronouns I, he, she, it, you, we and they, and to make it a multi-level game adverbs of frequency and time were thrown … Read more

Books on the Bookshelf

Books on the bookshelf, standing there awaiting to be read whilst expecting yet another to arrive in the post soon. Escaping into a novel can be pleasant, but delving into a book for teachers is rarely so, so there it stood on the bookshelf until this rare jewel comes knocking on my door to ask … Read more

No Dice!

No Dice: U.S. informal: something that people say when you may not or cannot do something: I asked if we could go to the party, but Mom said no dice.   Have you ever set up a board game only to find that you don’t have any dice or counters? The counters are usually not … Read more

Go Fish! A new look at an old game.

‘Go Fish!’ style games have been popular with children and adults for hundreds of years and they have been seen as ideal for keeping children quiet on rainy days. As a child I spent many a rainy day playing ‘Happy Families’, an earlier version of Go Fish!, these games would often take an hour or … Read more

Introducing Read! Spell! Do!

For a long time I have been thinking to write a blog post about Read! Spell! Do! (RSD) but, although simple to a fault, RSD is so versatile that almost every time I use the game in the classroom I discover another slant to it. In today’s blog I wish to introduce the game and … Read more

Swotting Words

“Swotting Words” is a good title for this activity, though some of you won’t understand the word “swot”, which is British English for “to study assiduously”; assiduous is hardly the easiest of words in itself. Anyway, you need some flash cards with pictures on one side and words on the other. I have chosen to … Read more

Get a Country

Get a Country is not a game I use so often, but every time I get to teach countries with my young students I get this game out as it is less complex than most other country card games and available in Japan. I just wish I could use it with my university students, for … Read more

Hitting Words

In NFO 3 Teacher’s Book page 30/31, David Paul describes a spelling game which he calls “Hitting Words”. Basically, the teacher attaches several picture cards to the board, a child throws a ball, hits one of the pictures and writes the word in his notebook or on the board. It’s a very simple, yet interesting … Read more

Mood Swings

How are you? Today I want to talk to you about the card game Mood Swings, which was published in 2013. The reason I created the game was because one teacher complained that some of her young students could not answer the question “How are you?” They probably could but some students just hate to be … Read more

Slamming ‘a’ Article

To recap on this activity. Lay the cards as in the picture making sure that you have some zero article and adjective cards in there, give one child the swatter and call out the first card “A pig.” He slams the article and pig whilst saying “A pig.” He then passes the swatter to the … Read more

Slamming ‘an’ Article

When do you actively begin teaching articles to children and how do you do so?   This short small group activity is for use with initial short vowel sounds vocabulary. In it I use the flash cards for Writing Worksheets, which are available for free download in the files section of the BAH Facebook group and the … Read more

Practical Introductions

Mike Guest said “I’m interested to see/hear how you might adapt intros in your own classroom…” Ha! Ha! I had never really given it any serious thought till now. We could of course practise introducing friends, guests and speakers and this would allow for much more freedom of content than you would generally have when … Read more
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