8X Your School Performance

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule,) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. It is a common rule of thumb in business; e.g., “80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients.”    Body text:    As an educational business owner, consider … Read more

Rugby News Desk – RWC Semis Review & Final Preview

PODCAST LINK ( audio 40 mins. approx ) :- https://activeenglishnow.com/podcast/2019/10/29/episode-10-rugby-news-desk-3   This special episode is related to English because the current rugby World Cup fever gives us a great chance to teach some English through the medium of rugby, be it, physically or through chat and pictures/movies. = ACTIVE ENGLISH – https://activeenglishnow.com        

The good the bad and the phonically challenged !

This is a presentation by Joe Evans  at the ETJ/FETJ Workshop in Mie, June 2019.  Joe currently works at Queens Education and Active English in Mie, and was previously working as a pre-school and elementary school teaching in the UK.  With regard to phonics, he worked within the British “National Curriculum” guidelines, and in this presentation … Read more

The Martial Science Of Teaching

ACTIVE Podcast Episode 5 – “The Martial Science Of Teaching” .   In this podcast Host Ian Simpson chats with Guest Dominic Jones about a range of educational topics from Martial Science, TPR/TPRS, Active English, Brainbreaks, teaching strategies for English teachers in Japan, SU- Singularity University, street fighting in Japan and MMA !!   Audio … Read more

Teaching Phonics Through Active English

‘Phonics doesn’t have to be taxing…’    That was the opening gambit of my university lecturer and I was already doubtful. ‘What even is phonics?’ I sat there thinking and an hour later I was none the wiser.   Fast forward to day one of my first teaching job and I was handed a weekly … Read more

” is the education system broken ? “

This is Episode 3 of the ACTIVE podcast entitled  ” is the education system broken ? “   LISTEN HERE    Have you ever thought of these questions below. ?  We did on this episode, and tried to offer some possible solutions !! Why is Japan ranked so low in the world for speaking English … Read more

Teaching English Using Food

  If there is one way to start, save, or change a subject of conversation, it is talking about food. Food is something that unites all of us because it is something that all of us must do every day to survive, but it is also a wonderful expression of culture and, even, individuality. There … Read more

Types Of Intelligence

Dr. Howard Gardner’s Types of Intelligence   For a long time, until fairly recently, the field of psychology used IQ tests solely to explain intelligence. However, some viewed those tests as inadequate because they only tested linguistic, logical, and spatial abilities to place people on a scale to find their ability levels, according to the … Read more

High Performance Teachers ( “ Super Teachers “ )

Are you a “High Performance Teacher ? “. When I was a high school teacher in the UK, the government came up with a scheme to reward the best teachers. These teachers known as “Super Teachers” received bonus salary and other such perks. I am not sure I agreed with the governments criteria for choosing … Read more

The Science Behind Active English ( part 2 blog)

If you read part 1 of this Active English blog, you will know that I introduced our thinking at the “Active English Academy” including the benefits of AE and some AE teaching methods. In part 2 here, I will talk about some of the basic science supporting Active English.   Its commonly known that exercise … Read more

Active English – an exciting new medium ( part 1 )

“Active English” is a phrase I have coined referring to the teaching of English communication skills through the mediums of sport, outdoor education and the arts. Its not meant to replace the standard classroom lesson but to be a valuable supplement to it. For me, its sort of coming full circle because I spent many … Read more

Get out of your comfort zone

Recently on Tokyo Real I interviewed Australian Kevin McNamara who runs the online platform “ Get out of your comfort zone “. Kevin is an ex-policeman, cancer survivor, self healer and now an online educator. Many of the things we talked about could well be applied to our field of teaching and running small businesses. … Read more


SMART GOALS   Every year the majority of people set their New Year Resolution goals. They may be physical or mental goals related to your body and mind, or they maybe academic or business goals. Whatever they are, setting them is the easy part! The hard part is achieving them. It requires a physical and … Read more

Would you consider using meditation in your kids class?

Would you consider using meditation in your kids English class ?   Recently on www.tokyoreal.media I had the honor of interviewing Andy Puddicombe, who is the founder of the meditation App. Headspace. Andy is a man with a fascinating story that takes him from studying sports science in the UK, living for 10 years as … Read more

Do you have a school or a business ?

Do you have a school or a business? By Ian Simpson   This is the question many school owners ask themselves at one point or another. It’s also a necessary question to ask yourself before opening a school. In short, the answer is both.   Recently on www.tokyoreal.tv I had the privilege of interviewing LTP … Read more
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