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Purpose This blog is about communication in its simplest form. That is communication through asking and answering questions. I know it sounds funny but guess how many times a day you do exactly that? That’s right, a lot! In fact, so much of our daily conversation is surrounded by this process that we often do not even thing about it. However, it has been my experience in Japan that although most Japanese can answer questions well, they have very little experience in asking them. Hence, I wrote a textbook that focuses on the process of not only answering questions but also about being able to ask the right question for the contextual situation.


Process Through this blog, I want to share with you my experiences and research into this valuable topic. I hope to help make your classrooms a more student-centered classroom that gets good results. At the very least, using questions and answers to stimulate conversation will be a fresh change from the rote-style learning most Japanese children experience in junior and senior high schools. I also hope that this blog will help you take another look at your pedagogy and evaluate whether or not you are doing all that you can to help your students master the English language. This will be an interactive process with your feedback center to each topic. A wide range of topics will be covered that will help you look at teaching and learning differently, so welcome to this reciprocal learning adventure!


In my next post, I will cover some actual lessons done at the university level that can also be extended to our language school classes. Get ready to ask and answer questions!

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