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After Reading

Stop to think about the story you’ve just finished reading, and you’ll get more out of it. Here are some fun ways to review the stories of Innova Graded Readers!


Each book has puppets at the back. Easily detach the puppets and have your child reenact the story.


Choose a word that was captioned in one of the pictures and have the child flip through the book and find it.


Another game is to use the picture dictionary at the back of the book, cover the words and see how many the child can say based on only the pictures.


You can find flashcards of sight words at the end of the teacher/parent guide at Print and cut the cards and add to your collection as you finish each story. Note that these words should be read by sight rather than by sounding them out based on phonics. There are many games to play with the sight word flashcards. Show a card for five seconds and see if the child can read the word. If not, show the word for a little longer, or reteach the word. If that’s too easy, show only the first few letters of the word, by folding or covering the card. Another activity is to spread out the cards and have the child find the word you say.


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