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Active Games, Quiet Games


Active Games, Quiet Games アクティブなゲームと静かなゲーム


Jump, Follow & Flip


Place all flashcards face down around the edge of the table or in a circle on the floor. Jump round the table and have the students follow. Say, Stop! Flip over the nearest and introduce the target language. 

T: It’s a (shirt). What is it?

S: It’s a (shirt).

Repeat for remaining cards.




T: It’s a (shirt). What is it?

S: It’s a (shirt).



Lucky Dip


Place flashcards in an opaque bag. One student pulls out a flashcard and holds it up. 

T: It’s a (banana). What is it?

S: It’s a (banana).

Repeat the activity, encouraging a different student to select a flashcard each time.




T: It’s a (banana). What is it?

S: It’s a (banana).


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  1. Here’s a suggestion for a variation on the first activity.

    Have the children take turns calling out either “Step,” “Jump,” or “Stop!”
    Whichever is called, everyone executes just one—that is, they take one step, or jump once, or stop. In this way, the children not only control the action of the group, but they also choose what card the teacher will turn over (when “Stop!” is called).

    Also, once the children have been introduced to most of the cards:
    On each turn, the teacher might challenge each child to turn over the card nearest them and identify it.

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