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Action Games: “Chant and Throw” and “Charades”

Action Games: “Chant and Throw” and “Charades”


These two games will get your students moving and having fun while practicing vocabulary!



Chant and Throw

This is a fun way to introduce and practice new vocabulary.

Hold up a flashcard and introduce the target language.

T: It’s a (banana). What is it?

S: It’s a (banana).

Throw the flashcard in the air for students to try and catch. Repeat for remaining flashcards.

You could also use plastic fruit or soft toys.




T: It’s a (banana). What is it?

S: It’s a (banana).




This classic game is great for reviewing vocabulary and getting students to use it while communicating with each other.

Have a student pick a flashcard. The student does an action or gesture for the flashcard language.

S1: What is it?

Other S: Is it a puzzle?

S1: Yes/No.

If Yes: S1: I like puzzles.

S2: Me, too/Not me.

Repeat for remaining students and flashcards.




S1: What is it?

他のS: Is it a puzzle?

S1: Yes/No.

もしYesなら、S1: I like puzzles.

S2: Me, too/Not, me.



Please add your comments – What do you do? How did you find these tips? We’d love to see YOUR videos.

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