50+ Flashcard Activities



My first post on the Language Teaching Professionals blog site almost three years ago was 41 Flashcard Activities.  Since then, I’ve updated the list, added visuals, and am now making it available here as a free download.  The pdf file also includes activities you can do with student name cards!  With this collection of matching, ordering, and discovery activities, you’ll engage students, improve retention, and bring more enjoyment to repetitive practice.


50+ Flash Card Activities Flash



Though veteran teachers will certainly be familiar with many of these activities, I hope there are a few surprises you can add to your arsenal of flashcard games.  For younger teachers and teachers-in-training, this is an invaluable roundup of ideas that I wish I’d had when I started out teaching — not because the games and activities are so unique, but because they’re basic.  Having a resource that lists fundamental games and activities sparks new ideas, refreshes old routines, and helps when planning classes.


Have an activity that isn’t included in this list?  Help a teacher out and share your idea in the comment section below!


If you’re interested in having a hard-bound copy of 50+ Flash Card Activities for your school library, this pdf file is also available as a paperback from my website and eBook for Kindle devices. 



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