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#2 Blog – Why i started TOKYOREAL.TV



I arrived in Japan in the summer of 1999. I came from from Wales with a background in education and high performance sports science and coaching. My aim was to continue my rugby coaching career as a Pro Coach in Japan, because I knew “Shakaijin” ( company rugby ) in Japan was prestigious and lucrative. I did this for a number of years but it was so much harder than I thought it would be because of the language and cultural barriers. However, it was a great experience which has opened up many other business opportunities since and these now also feed into TOKYOREAL.



I then decided to go back to my roots and open an English school ( as we all do !! ). My background meant that I had 17 years of teaching PE in high schools in the UK and Australia, in addition to senior management team and pastoral care experience in these schools and at that time I felt could do a much better job than many of the bozo`s I saw running schools in Japan !!



HOWEVER, I had no business experience, couldn`t speak Japanese and didn’t really understand the culture. For the next 10 years I learned “ the hard way “. Of course I had some very kind people who helped and advised me, especially my wife, but none of these people were really experts in business or the Eikaiwa industry.



As a I result, I recently started TOKYOREAL with the aim of interviewing people of INFLUENCE within our industry. People who have made it the hard way, and are now willing to “give back” to the community. People who are prepared to be the “mentors” that WE never really had, so that the people entering the industry now can get ahead quicker than we could.



TOKYOREAL also offers many other interesting features related to … giving yourself the edge…….. in business, sport and life – check it out and please SUBSCRIBE to our “you tube” site.



You can link to our social media sites from our websites “live” links   =



COMING SOON – I will be talking about “mental toughness” in business – MTP , analysis and quality feedback in the classroom and online teaching and business “Strategy” for your language school business.



Catch ya



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