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What is SEO? 1/2

Hi, ​

It’s J.​

I often get these questions, ​

“What should I do for SEO”​

“Can I do it by myself?”​

I’ve been studying SEO for a couple of years, so​

I would like to give my own answer.​

First of all, to be honest, it’s pretty hard to do SEO measures by yourself.​

So I highly recommend you hire a professional.​

But I will briefly explain only the outline,​

otherwise, there is no point of you receiving this e-mail. ​

Also, I will explain, ​

“SEO measure that only you can do, and it’s easy.”​

First, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.​

When you search some keyword on Google,​
some websites will be displayed at the top, but some are not.​

For example​

“鴨島 英会話” ​ (Kamojima English Conversation)​

So, if you search the keyword, our school will be displayed at the top as you can see in the picture attached.​

To get your website displayed at the top, ​

it’s called “SEO measure”. ​

“So what should I do?”​

Ok, there are two main things that you can do.​

・ External measures​

・ Internal measures​

External measures​

Backlinks are the key.​

For example, when people put your website link on their websites or blogs, and SNS, ​

your website will be recognized as “a good website that people need” ​

and the possibility of getting a higher rank will increase.​

Internal measures​

There are two main things in Internal measures.​

1. Write a description on the website to make it easier for users to understand.​

If you are using WordPress, you are lucky. ​

Installing a plugin called, All in one SEO Pack and putting information following instructions should be enough for now. ​ ​

* Free version gets enough job done. ​

See the videos below for how to do it ↓​



If you are like, ​

“What is WordPress?”​

“What is a plugin?”​

you should definitely hire a professional so that you can focus on your main work. ​

It takes time and effort to learn.​

2. Write a blog​
Choose a keyword and write a blog according to it.​

That’s it. ​

I’ve explained it very simply. ​

But it’s getting a bit too long, so I will explain, ​

“SEO measure that only you can do, and it’s easy.”​

in the next e-mail.​

Hope you have a great evening! ​


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