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Pls. read The Table of Contents and Introduction to the Audiobook version of Small changes in teaching so you can send me questions and comments.


I am attaching The Table of Contents from Small changes in teaching, big results in learning for two reasons.

  1. When the audiobook version of Small changes is available listeners will be able to select a section they would like to listen to. If you read a book about flowers in which they are arranged alphabetically, you do not have to read about roses and sun flowers if you are only interested in tulips. In the same way, you do not have to read Chapter 1 before Chapter 2 in Small changes. I invite teachers to pick a section that they are intrigued by or puzzled by and start there.
  2. I hope that readers of my blog will look at the Table of Contents and ask me questions about titles that you want me do discuss.

 I hope that my blog will be interactive .Rather than me just sending out messages I hope I can respond to your questions or comment on your messages to me and other readers.

Enjoy, enjoy.


Download (DOCX, 118KB)

Download (DOCX, 26KB)

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