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John F. Fanselow here with a big thank you to David Paul for hosting a blog for me on the LTP website.


The title of my blog is a short version of a book and videos that iTDi published in 2018 titled Short changes in teaching, big results in learning: Videos, activities and essays to stimulate fresh thinking about teaching and learning.

Though I will probably refer to the videos and readings now and then, the reason I want to have a blog with LTP is because when I have done presentations in Tokyo at the LTP gigs, I find it exciting to discuss the questions raise in my sessions that are of concern to them.


The only way that my blog might be helpful is if teachers send my questions they have about their teaching that they want to explore.


I have dozens of questions that teachers have written out for me in the LTP presentations but I would like yours now.


So please send a question.


All the best.





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