13+ Halloween Activities

Kinney Brothers Publishing  Donald's English Classroom 13 Halloween Activities

When it comes to Halloween class parties I keep it as simple as possible — for the main reason I have to replicate the activities six times a day for a week!  Here are 13+ simple activities you can set up and play again and again.


Candy Jar Guess. Put Halloween candies in a jar and get students to guess how many there are.  Have students write their guess on a piece of paper and announce the winner the week after the party.   This gives students something to look forward to and opens the opportunity to review Halloween vocabulary one last time!  The student that comes closest wins the jar!


Pass the Vampire Bat. Make bat shapes cut out of tissue paper and hand out one straw to each player. Divide and line up the class into 2 or more teams.  Students pass the tissue bats down the line, teammate to teammate, by inhaling and exhaling on the straw to hang onto or release the ornament. No hands! The first team to successfully pass the bats up and down the line wins!


Spelling Banner. Prepare a banner that says Happy Halloween or  Trick or Treat, etc.  Prepare two sets of letters in two different colors that match the words on the banner.  Hide the letters randomly around the room. Divide the class into 2 teams with two captains–the captains sit and wait for their teammates to bring the letters for their banner words. If a student is on the “Werewolf” team and sees a letter for the “Vampire” team she just leaves it alone. The first team to replicate the banner wins.


Ghost Dance Make small ghost shapes out of tissue paper and draw on eyes.  Take a balloon, rub it in your hair to create static electricity.  Hold the balloon over the ghost and watch it rise toward the balloon!  To prevent the ghost from sticking to the balloon, place a small piece of tape on the bottom tip of the ghost fixed to the table.  If the electric charge is strong enough, you should be able to make the ghost dance from several inches away.  Experiment beforehand to see how large you can make a ghost that will react to the static electricity.


Kinney Brothers Publishing  Donald's English Classroom 13 Halloween Activities


Build a Jack-o’-Lantern  This is a fun game and super easy to set up.  Draw all the components of a jack-o’ lantern on the board and number each one 1-6.  Give each student a blank piece of paper and one dice.  As the teacher, you are playing against the kids.  The object of the game is to roll every number and complete the drawing of the jack-o’-lantern before the teacher completes her’s.  The teacher and students (as a group) take turns rolling their dice.  For each number that is rolled, players draw the corresponding component of their jack-o’-lantern.  Once a number is rolled and an image has been used, it can’t be used again.  Each student who completes his picture before the teacher gets a prize.  When the teacher completes her picture, the game is over.


Hot Pumpkin: Like Hot Potato, Hot Pumpkin requires a small, silly pumpkin or gourd, some crazy Halloween music, and kids sitting in a circle.  They pass the hot pumpkin around until the music stops, and whomever is caught holding it is out of the circle. The winner is the last person without the pumpkin!  If you’re working with large groups of kids, and for more excitement, begin with two pumpkins going in opposite directions.  Add to the game Halloween vocabulary like “Trick or Treat!” or “I live in a haunted house!” etc.


Witch, Witch, Ghost! Four or more children sit, stand, or kneel in a circle facing in. One child goes around the circle touching each person on the head as they pass and say “witch”. They continue around the circle tapping and saying “witch” until they decide they are ready to tap someone on the head and say “ghost”. They then proceed to run around the circle. The “ghost” must run around the circle in the opposite direction. Both are racing for the open spot in the circle. The loser gets to be the caller for the next round. Variations on this game are many including hopping, skipping etc.


Kinney Brothers Publishing Donald's English Classroom 13 Halloween Activities


Ghost Bowling:  Take 6 rolls of toilet paper and paste ghost eyes and a mouth on each.  Stack them into a pyramid and roll a pumpkin or ball into the stack of toilet paper.  Keep score as to how many get knocked down.  This can also be done with large, clear soda bottles or plastic cups painted with jack-o’-lantern faces!


Mummy Wrap:  All you need are two (or more) teams of about 4-5 kids each, and a few rolls of toilet paper.  Each team picks one ‘mummy’ and the team works to wrap him (or her) up!  The teacher is the judge, and the best looking mummy wins!  Have your camera ready!


Kinney Brothers Publishing Donald's English Classroom 13 Halloween Activities


Pairs  Also known as Concentration, this is a simple game that will also get your kids practicing Halloween vocabulary.  Vary the number of pairs depending on the age range of the class.  This is a classic game that never fails to entertain!  You can download the above Halloween Pairs set for free!


Memory Game  This is a variation on Pairs you can play with the whole class.  Warm up students with three cards in a line on the board.  Instruct students that they have to remember the correct order of the cards.  Then turn the cards over.  With a duplicate set of cards, challenge kids to place the same cards in the same order under the hidden cards.  Increase the number of cards to challenge kids’ memories.


Who is the Ghost?  One child leaves the room and one child in the room puts a sheet or large pillow case that has been decorated with black eyes and a mouth over their head and body.   All the other students change their seats.  The child waiting outside comes back in the room and tries to guess who the ghost is.


Face The Cookie  All players stand in a circle and look up to the ceiling.  A cookie or flat treat is placed on each of their foreheads.  Without using their hands, players must maneuver the cookie into their mouths.  If the cookie falls off their face, they forfeit the cookie and are out. This is an especially fun game for all ages.


Many flash card games can be turned into holiday themed games with a few simple tweaks.  Put your witch’s hat on and I’ll be you can come up with some spooky fun!  Jump to the future and check out my 2019 Halloween Puzzle Activities post and download some free Halloween word searches, mazes, and more!   


If you’ve got a special activity you’d be willing to share, help a teacher out and leave a comment!


Kinney Brothers Publishing Donald's English Classroom 13 Halloween Activities


Looking for some more Halloween activities to liven up your holiday festivities?  Look no further!  Here is a treasure of ghoulish activities you and your kids are sure to enjoy!  You can download these games separately or download them in the full Halloween Game Bundle from Donald’s English Classroom. The bundle includes:


Halloween Bingo – A classic game with 30 boards in two sizes. With just 25 images, this is a Bingo game you can play with your youngest ESL students.  The bundle also includes a paperless version on Google Slides!


Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe Another classic that kids love playing!  With 12 boards in two sizes, this set includes draw cards for an easy Bingo game! Plus, you can upload a paperless version to Google Slides for your online classes!


Halloween House is a folding craft activity and 3D learning tool that you’ll want to keep around all year!  With ghosts and goblins in every room, just print, cut, and fold!


Halloween Concentration is free, so please download and enjoy!   


Halloween I Have Who Has is a fun activity for small groups or the whole class. This set includes two games and is only available in the Halloween Game Bundle


Here’s wishing you a happy and safe Halloween!


Donald Kinney
Kinney Brothers Publishing

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