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Reinforcing Students’ Learning

How do you test or reinforce your students’ learning?



Children’s lessons at our school generally follow a theme over the course of a month based on Floppy’s Phonics which are available here.


For example, in July we used three books (The Pet Shop, What is it? Lost Puppy) and the lesson language was as follows:




Aim: Introduction to pet nouns and review of basic question forms.

Lesson language: What is it? It’s a rat. It’s a goldfish.

Extension language: Is it a cat? No. It’s a rat.





Aim: Review of pet nouns and color adjectives.

Lesson language: What is it? It’s a brown spider. It’s a green snake.

Extension language: Is it a blue spider? No. It’s a brown spider.





Aim: Review of pet nouns and two adjective statements.

Lesson language: What is it? It’s a long, green snake. It’s a dirty, gray rat.

Extension language: Is it a short, blue snake? No. It’s a long, green snake.






Aim: Review of pet nouns and introduction to desire word (want).

Lesson language: What pet does Chip want? He wants a rat.

Extension language: Does Chip want a large, brown dog? No. He wants a small, gray rat.




We usually reinforce their leaning with homework given at the end of each lesson. Homework for the younger children comprises a cut, paste and write activity. Each child has a notebook bought from a 100 yen shop or from us. We print a sheet of images and corresponding words which the children cut out and paste into their notebook. They then have to copy the words in their own handwriting. Here is an example of what they were given after week 4 in July. The actual size of the words and images would fill a B5 page. Of course we use Comic Sans to avoid the strange looking letter ‘a’. This one is the work of a 5 year old girl.











Sometimes for reinforcement, and for fun, we also play a game. PowerPoint is a great tool for presenting games in a way that is entertaining and exciting for kids. As well as games, we present quizzes. Once you have learned how to use links and the animation pane in PowerPoint, it is a simple procedure to make a game or quiz. After you have made one and tested that it works, it may be kept as a template and modified to suit your lesson target language. The simple quiz is demonstrated at the YouTube link below.







View here.

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