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Every year the majority of people set their New Year Resolution goals. They may be physical or mental goals related to your body and mind, or they maybe academic or business goals. Whatever they are, setting them is the easy part! The hard part is achieving them. It requires a physical and mental sustained effort to push through on your goals, and there within lies the problem. Within a month or two of making our resolution, normal everyday life has kicked back in and we are starting to lose focus. The other problem is that many of us make a broad statement resolution, for example: – I want to lose 10 kg of body weight or I will open an English school. The chances of achieving these are very low.




One method of increasing your chances is by designing SMART goals. SMART stands for: –

S = Specific

M = Measureable

A = Achievable

R = Relevant

T = Time sensitive


Watch this short “One-Minute SMART goal video tip “


In our Educational industry an example of a SMART goal could be something similar to this: –


I intend to open an English school strategically positioned to focus on kids. It will be located in a new build area with a population of 800 elementary school age kids. The competition is a Kumon school and an ECC homeroom school with Japanese teachers. I will only employ native English speaking teachers.



It’s measurable because I aim to recruit a minimum of XX students from trial lessons upon opening and increase to XXX amount of students by the end of the first academic year. I can make similar projections about turnover and profit and then measure my level of success.



It’s achievable because I have sourced the rental or buy building. I have costed out the project and between savings and provisionally agreed bank loans I have enough start up capital. I have a strong network ( peer group ) within our industry and am in a relationship with someone who is fully supportive of this project.



It’s relevant because it’s taking me into an area of business that I am interested in and see as being my future. In addition to being a qualified English teacher I have some basic business acumen and a strong peer support network.


Time sensitive

Its time sensitive because I have mapped out a first year time schedule by which I can use to check if I am hitting my goals on time.


The above resolution or SMART goal is by no means exhaustive, nor is it meant to be. It’s the kind of resolution that can be discussed and agreed over a beer on New Years Eve, and with this framework its chances of success will be greatly increased.


Good luck – gambatte !


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