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Hidden Cards

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Hidden Cards

 Hidden cards

 How to play


Basic game


1. Either you or the children hide vocabulary cards or objects around the room or outside. Put the cards in, on, under, behind, on top of . . . something. Choose locations according to the prepositions you would like the children to practice.


2. The children move around and write sentences about each card. (e.g. The shark is under the desk.). It is generally best to either tell the children how many cards there are or have a time limit.




The game can be used for other patterns.


a. The children can make more complex sentences about a card (e.g. The dangerous gray shark is under the desk.)


b. Various kinds of cards can be used, such as action cards or adjective cards, and the children can write more complex sentences. (e.g. The kangaroos are jumping on top of the bookcase.)


No need for competition


There is no need for the game to be competitive. The children don’t need to be judged in any way on how many sentences they write. The activity is just a way of doing writing practice that is more fun than sitting at a desk.



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