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【How!?】Female school owner gathered 160 students via only word-of-mouth​

Hi, ​

It’s J. ​

I have a friend called Chandra. ​
She runs a school in Kyoto and has 160 students and 50 students on her waiting list. ​

Usually, students have to wait for at least 2 years to join her school, crazy! ​

What is even crazier is that she has never done any paid marketing! ​

She is very good at internal marketing, such as talking to parents, branding in the school, doing newsworthy activities, and so on. ​

Whenever I talk to her, she brings up fantastic ideas for internal marketing that I have never thought of. ​

We are the opposite, but our way of thinking is very similar. ​

So at ETJ Expo Kansai on 2/16, we are going to have a presentation together. ​

I will be an interview and asking her how exactly she gathered that many students via only word-of-mouth.​

-Who’s this for? ​
A single school owner who needs to get more students.​
Japanese staff members – It would be great training for them! ​ ​
※It’s all in Japanese.​

I hope to see you at our presentation at ETJ Kansai! ​

PS: Few people have submitted their website, flier, etc for feedback, as I mentioned in the last blog post. ​
Thank you very much! ​
I’m still collecting a few more, so let me know if you have any! ​

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